Culture Actions CV

Margaret Shiu
Founder and Director of Bamboo Curtain Studio


“International Artist-in-Residency Online English/Chinese Database” ,web portal research and service for maintenance for Ministry of Culture, Taiwan 2014
“Mapping Asian Creative Clusters: the dynamic synergies of artist hubs”, Report in Chinese July 2006 with English summary
“Creative Programming in Reuse of Space: an International Perspective” published in Chinese, 2002.  
“Magnetic Fields of Creativity - Cultural exchange programs as promoted by international artists-in-residencies” Published in Chinese, 1999.


International NGO membership
● Asian Representative on the Board of Advisor for Transculture Exchange (Based in Boston)
● Past Peer Panel representative of North Asia in Jury for Arts Network Asia Foundation (Based in Singapore)
● Steering committee member of International Network for Culture Diversity (Based in Canada)
● Past Country rep. for World Culture Forum Alliance, Asia Pacific section 
● Founding member of Intra Asia Network (initiated in Taipei)
● Past Board of Advisor for Res Artis, world-wide network of artist residency programs (based in Amsterdam)
● Past Board member of Asian Cultural Council - Taiwan (headquarters based in US)
● Asian Alternative Space Network representative (initiated in Hong Kong)
● Alliance of Artists Communities (based in US) 
● Asia Society (based in US)

Taiwan National Committees
● Commissionboard member for National Review Board on reused sites for culture, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
● Commission board member for management of Song Shan Creativity Park, Taipei City Government 
● Advisor Council of Cultural Affairs Artists-in-Residencies Program
● Past Advisor. National Reuse of Space Program Inter-departmental Commission, Taiwan 
● Past Commission board member. National Culture Industries Policies,  Taiwan
● Past City Planning Commission board member, Taipei City Government
● Past Management Advisor, Taipei Artists Village (TAV) Taipei City Government 

National NGO membership
● Past chair of the committee for the Tamsui international environmental art festival, New Taipei City, Taiwan
● Supervisor of the national women artist association, Taiwan
● Past Chairperson. Association for the Cultural Environment Reform in Taiwan (ACERT)
● Founding Chairperson. Association for the Visual Artists in Taiwan (AVAT)
● Founding member of the Artists Union in Taiwan